The Friendliest Fitness Craze?

I tend to avoid exercise; running for a bus or the last train is usually as energetic as my day gets. Therefore, it was with some trepidation I entered the threshold of Dolphin Fitness Club in Pimlico; I was there to try aqua-spinning.

Invented by an Italian physical therapist, aqua-spinning is exactly the bizarre concept it first appears – basically cycling underwater. For those that have tried spinning – I haven’t, but I’ve seen some tortured faces leaving a spinning class – the idea of high-octane cycling with the added resistance of water seems like a hellish combination.

You can perhaps see why I wasn’t overjoyed that last Thursday evening saw me in the unfamiliar territory of a fitness centre, rather than snuggled up in bed watching Breaking Bad or Homeland. But Dolphin Fitness Club is a pleasant experience from the start; all attractive smiling receptionists and gleaming floors and walls.

Swimming pool

The pool was something else; the undulating waters were softly lit with the kind of icy glow you expect in a classy cocktail bar, not a swimming pool. I gawped at it through sheets of polished glass on my way to the changing room, and while the hint of chlorine and echoed splashes stirred

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A Bicycle Tour Built for You: Planning Fine Cycling Trips in England

Whether you’re looking to work a little exercise into your daily routine, cut down on your carbon footprint, get a breath of fresh air or simply go for a spin, there’s nothing quite like a good bike ride to leave you feeling reinvigorated. For some, bicycles are an absolute necessity, especially for cutting costs and narrow street corners while living in the city. For many people, however, biking represents a fantastic leisure pursuit. If this is you, and you simply love putting the pedal to the metal and wheeling around town or speeding cross country, a bike holiday can be a magnificent two-fer—time on holiday and time spent doing one of your favourite pastimes.

That still leaves the question as to where you should take this cycling holiday. While a Roman Holiday a la Audrey Hepburn may be tempting and you can’t say ‘bike racing’ without thinking of the Tour de France, England, both historically and in recent years, has shown itself to be one of the premier cycling venues in the world, and well worth your time. Here, then, are just a few reasons you’ll want to choose England for your biking holiday, as well as

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Tips for Choosing the Hotel in Bogor

Do you love traveling? Do you want to have such a perfect time for your holiday? Everyone has their own needs and pleasure for relaxing their mind. This kind of condition can be done by doing something that we like to do. If you love traveling, some activity like exploring many new places can be the great chance to do. Are you interested to do in this way? When you really want to do traveling, you need to make sure that you can prepare all of the things well. Traveling is such a nice thing to do and we need to take the advantage of it to refresh our mind and our stressfulness.

For the good starting point for the preparation of your holiday, choose the best destination where you want to go for your next holiday. For instance we want to visit Bogor. Bogor is such a nice place that you can visit for your next holiday. You can enjoy the natural sensation in Bogor since this place offers you with such a perfect place for the natural destination. When you decide to go to Bogor, it means that you should prepare for any kinds of things including for the

The beautiful waters of Miami are perfect for a boat ride.

 The tour program consists of a boat trip on the beautiful waters. The highlight of this trip is a visit to the beautiful Biscayne Bay. The journey will be very relaxing as you sit on the boat and enjoy the beautiful view of the water, coasts and islands dotting the bay. They are to be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful coast of Miami. The downtown skyline of the city of Miami is certainly beautiful, but when the ship looks like you realize how amazing it really is. There are other Miami to Key West  sites and stunning horizons of the coast to enjoy. Some of the best include millionaire’s row, Fisher Iceland, the Port of Miami and Miami Beach.

You can enjoy guided narration during the tour. These stories are in English and Spanish. You will give a comprehensive presentation on the tour. You are in a modern yacht tour. Besides being smart, they are very comfortable. The lower room has an air conditioner. You can go to the upper deck to enjoy the cool sea breeze. There is also a fairly stocked bar, where you can buy your drinks. The tour of

A Trip to the Old Capital of Bulgaria

A Trip to the Old Capital of Bulgaria

Have you heard of Veliko Tarnovo? Has anyone ever told you anything about this town? Did you know that it was established over 7000 years ago and throughout the centuries has been governed by a number of legendary civilizations which all contributed to its becoming one of the most cosmopolitan spots on the Balkan Peninsula? Are you familiar with the fact that Veliko Tarnovo functioned as capital of the Second Bulgarian State for approximately three centuries and that in 1879 it hosted the historic parliamentary meeting at which the first constitution of Bulgaria was signed? Probably not… But it’s never too late to change that. A long weekend there will be more than enough to let you explore all of Veliko Tarnovo’s nearly 2000 historical, religious and cultural monuments and discover the richness of its charming surroundings.

Tsarevets Fortress

The three sunny hills of Veliko Tarnovo seem to be most inviting in the month of March, when spring settles in and flowers start to bloom. This is also the most romantic time of the year to marvel at the endless rows of amazing traditional Bulgarian houses, perched on

Starosel For Explorers and Wine Lovers

Nestled in the warm embrace of Sredna Gora (translated Middle Forest), just south of the majestic Balkan range and right in the middle of the sun-kissed Thracian Valley, Starosel offers a unique and “not-to-be-missed” opportunity to experience the best of the Bulgarian countryside. Endowed by history and nature alike, Starosel meaning “old village” in Bulgarian, holds the keys to Thracian temples, royal tombs and cult centers, along with those cool and cozy wine cellars. To all explorers and wine lovers out there, consider this your formal invitation to a wonderful adventure back to Thracian times. Get ready to get your senses awoken and be immersed in the life-loving spirit of the Thracians, perfectly preserved in the taste of the local wine from antiquity to present day. 

Views from the Temple by Gerry Botchoukova-Farkova

For the Explorer 
Sprawling vineyards and rolling hills line the winding road as you make your way up to the crown jewel of Bulgarian archeology, the 2,500 year old Thracian Cult Complex of Starosel. Referred to by many as the Bulgarian “Machu Picchu”, this Royal Thracian religious complex consists of six temples, four of which are unique in their nature. Unearthed in the year 2000, it dates back to

Surva Festival and the Kukeri in Bulgaria

Surva International Festival of Masquerade Games is an annual event held at the end of January and the beginning of February in the town of Pernik, located some 30 km away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It was first organised nearly 50 years ago and has now become one of the most iconic folklore festivals that take place on the territory of the country. Every year more and more masquerade groups and spectators from all over the world come to Pernik to contribute to and witness the magic of this unique festival, whose main goal is to celebrate tradition and cultural diversity.

Costumes adorned with lots of bells

Getting to Pernik is particularly easy, especially if you start from Sofia. There are regular train, coach and shuttle bus services operating on this route and depending on traffic, the whole ride takes no more than 35 minutes to complete. The centre of the town is full of cosy cafes, nice restaurants and friendly, fun-loving locals who brighten up the place and add spice to its rugged charm. Despite the fact that Pernik doesn’t abound in tourist attractions there are a few landmarks in the region of the town that deserve checking

Under the Mistletoe in Bulgaria

Those of you who have managed to survive the Black Friday madness and check off most of the items on their endless holiday shopping lists are probably gradually starting to realise that the Christmas season is indeed upon us and it’s not only about buying marked-down Blu-ray players or smartphones. In fact, it is much more about getting together with your friends and family and having a jolly good time. Most folks like to go about it the traditional way, which involves a roaring fireplace, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with tons of presents under it and a succulent turkey with cranberry sauce. Idyllic, isn’t it?
But what if we suggest that this year you try something equally idyllic and excitingly adventurous at the same time? What if we tell you that there is a place where the warm, domestic comfort of this glorious holiday can be combined perfectly with the snowy fun of the season it is celebrated in? This place is called Bulgaria… so come with us and check it out.

Bansko ski resort

The first thing you will notice when you arrive here is how pretty the country looks in its fluffy white winter coat. The air is crisp

Vitosha Mountain in the autumn

Vitosha Mountain in the autumn

Go on an exciting voyage through a colourful sea of red, golden and brown…

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, undoubtedly boasts several quite impressive features that will attract the attention of even the most skeptical of tourists, but there is one feature in particular that stands out from the crowd… literally. This is Vitosha Mountain. Located on the outskirts of the city, it is an unexpected and refreshing alternative to the busy urban metropolis and its stressful ways. And the best part is that the mountain’s lofty grandeur and imposing body are clearly visible from basically any point in the city so there is simply no chance of missing out on its crisp natural beauty.

Sofia and the mountain

Those of you who happen to be in the neighbourhood during the warm and sunny autumn season are, in our humble opinion, the luckiest, because Vitosha looks prettier than anything then. It resembles a delicate impressionist masterpiece painted by a skillful artist. There are a few ways to become part of this picture.

Colourful fairy tales

Depending on how you want to approach Vitosha, there are at least two dozen bus services and

Apollonia Festival in Sozopol

Just when you think that the carefree days of swimming and playing in the turquoise waters of the Black Sea are over, Bulgaria finds a way to surprise you with one last warm sunbeam that chases autumn away and puts the big and shiny smile of summer back on your face. This isn’t an ordinary sunbeam, though. It comes in a rather unusual shape and can be seen and felt by people only at a particular time of the year … it even has a name: ‘Apollonia’.
Apollonia Festival of Arts is one of the hottest and most awaited annual cultural events organised on the territory of the country. It takes place every year in the period between the last week of August and the first week of September and attracts musicians, artists, performers, sculptors, writers, directors and audiences from all around the globe. 

Image by Anastasia Girenkova

Its immense popularity is pretty much down to the fact that the festival has always been able to demonstrate its impressive versatility and create a magic atmosphere that everyone can enjoy to the fullest. A simple glimpse at Apollonia’s programme is enough to prove that point. It is as varied and exciting as it

Surprises of the Northern Black Sea Coast

If the crowded, mainstream beaches of the big buzzing sea resorts in Bulgaria do not exactly match your idea for a great summer vacation, then you must be either a culture-loving, peace-seeking fellow or an adrenaline junkie who cannot live without wild adventures and Mother Nature’s warm embrace… or both. In this case finding a suitable place where to spend your holiday can be a real pickle. But relax, we might just know the right spot for you – it’s the region north of the town of Kavarna on the Bulgarian Black Sea Shore.
One major distinctive feature of this coastline area is its amazing landscape. 

Golden sea at sun rise

The endless wheat fields of Dobrudzha resemble a sea of gold that gives in to the overwhelming magnificence of the Black Sea in an epic sort of way. That’s because of the sheer, rocky beaches that stand between them. We didn’t even realise how gorgeous they were until we went for a boat ride early one morning and saw their rough, majestic silhouettes gently lit up by the bright red and yellow rays of the rising sun. And that was only the beginning. In the days to come our friends from

The Wonder of Paneurhythmy

“The whole world bows to me, but I bow to the Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria.”
Beautiful words, right? Perhaps they will become even more powerful if we tell you that the man who uttered them was no other than the great Albert Einstein himself. That’s lovely, but who was he talking about? No idea? Well…
Master Peter Deunov was not only one of the most distinguished spiritual leaders ever to have lived in Bulgaria, but was also among those who played an instrumental role in the saving of the lives of no less than 50,000 Bulgarian Jews during WWII. His generosity and the unlimited love he felt for everyone helped him develop a doctrine based on the principles of compassion, virtue and truth. Deunov claimed that the only way to reach God was by recognising His supreme cosmic rhythm and for that purpose he invented the paneurhythmy – the art of praising nature and becoming one with the universe. 

Ritual dance in concentric circles (image:D.Alexov)

Today thousands of people follow the steps of Master Deunov and practice this ritual. Every summer the members of the White Brotherhood – that’s how his movement is commonly referred to as nowadays – climb the sheer

From London Sights to a Sussex Saxon Warrior

From London Sights to a Sussex Saxon Warrior

Alex and Marko take in England’s capital and go in search of their family’s past…

London was a milestone.  Two full months on the road, a third of the trip completed, our last stop in familiar territory. 

As we touched down in Heathrow, we looked at the week very optimistically.  It was a chance to enjoy the capital of the UK, handle some visa applications and trip planning with My Destination HQ, and to fulfill one of our more personal bucket list items: finding our family’s roots. 

Landmarks of London

From a filmmaking perspective, London wasn’t easy to tackle.  It’s as massive as it is diverse, and we instantly recognized that we would not be able to cover it in its entirety with so many other things on our plate.  So we cut right to the essentials and started with the landmarks of London.

For a day, we enjoyed being uber-tourists.  We joined a tour and allowed ourselves be wheeled around to the most touristic places in the city: the soaring arches of Westminster Abbey, the iconic Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower (often mistakenly called Big Ben, which is only

Get Spooked in the Capital

With its bloody history, echoing, underground dungeons and haunting folktales, London is the perfect setting for any Halloween spooking. Here is our guide to the most ghoulish events taking place this year, all designed to help you leave the trick-or-treaters unanswered, and venture into the capital for a scarily good time.   

Terrifying Tours

For those keen to fully immerse themselves in ghostly goings on, any of London’s countless, after-dark tours will beat a night in front of Most Haunted repeats hands down. The infamous Jack the Ripper tour is popular all year round, but there are several, special excursions taking place for Halloween. From the 26th – 31st October, Ham House hosts night-time hunts for the ghost of its elusive Duchess of Lauderdale. Legend has it that she still stalks the halls of the house, three centuries after her death, wielding a silver-tipped cane. The tour lasts an hour, and ends with canapés and drinks in the beautiful Orangery.

If you like your ghosts a little more two-dimensional, the Museum of London is playing host to a ‘Hauntings and Hangings Tour’ on Halloween eve, guiding visitors through the gallery’s many portraits of graphic public-hangings and haunting, churchyard murders. Be warned: it won’t

London’s Rooftop Terraces

Londoner’s can breathe a collective sigh of relief; winter is officially over. Shaking off one of the coldest and longest winters known to mankind (or to us at least); the city has been released from the icy clutches of doom – finally! All woeful tales of newborn lambs hidden beneath lashings of snow and an absentee springtime have been forgotten.  Summer is just around the corner and everything seems happier, lighter and, well, a bit darn brighter.

So, to embrace our newfound love of the city when the sun shines, here are our five favourite sunshine spots. Found dotted along London’s elevated skyline, these stylish rooftop terraces are on track to becoming our top summer hangouts…

Boundary Rooftop, Shoreditch

This trendy East End bar and grill is the ideal place to catch some summer rays. Nestled in a converted Victorian warehouse that oozes rustic appeal, exposed brickwork and 100-year-old olive trees add an element of charm to the already chic Shoreditch spot. Perched beneath a weatherproof pergola and a canopy of grape-producing vines, the wine and dining area provided is both warm and inviting. Here, by a wood-burning fire, visitors can watch the sun go down whilst admiring the sprawling cityscape below.

How to

A Guide to Dating in London

Picture it guys. You are in a bar with your mates. It’s been a long week and it feels as if nothing is going to improve it. Then, from across the room, like a homing missile you catch the eye of what just might be the love of your life. Suddenly, the world is new again. Your heart starts beating, palms become clammy and you begin to speak with more jitters than Bruce Forsyth.

What started as one glance quickly turns into five and, before you know it, your tongues out and you’re just outright staring. The time has come to pick up some man points and dive right in. You gather some courage from our Dutch friends, wander across the bar and hope your old mate Cupid is in a good mood this evening.

So, now it’s a few days later. Somehow, despite the argyle sweater, you managed that little bit of charm, impressed and got her number. That’s stage one out of the way, now things get real, stage two; the first date.

Luckily for you, you are in London; the greatest city on Earth. If you can’t find something that impresses here, then you may as well give up and

Festive Celebrations in London

As Christmas is fast approaching and festivities are in full swing, you may be wondering what to see and do in the capital city. So, grab your mittens and winter warmers and head out into the Big Smoke for the best yuletide fun the city has to offer. As Christmas is fast approaching and festivities are in full swing, you may be wondering what to see and do in the capital city. So, grab your mittens and winter warmers and head out into the Big Smoke for the best yuletide fun the city has to offer.

Magical markets

Christmas markets are no longer only associated with Germany and the rest of Europe; they are now a firm favourite in Blighty too. Kew Gardens has one of the best, with Santa’s grotto, vintage family-fun rides and a boutique market. The most well-known is Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, where traditional Christmas treats and gifts of snow globes and handmade decorations adorn the wooden market stalls. Not forgetting the German sausages and sweets too. If your friends and family prefer something a little quirkier, head to Dalston Christmas Market and shop at the flea market, offering one-of-a-kind  artisan goods. Keep up with the Christmas jumper recycled

Keeping it Cheap

London regularly appears on lists detailing ‘The World’s Most Expensive Cities’. It may not hit the top spot but the city is certainly renowned for its expertise in lightening the tourist wallet. For a ride on the London Eye, expect to pay around £19. A tour of the Tower will set you back £22, the London Dungeons charge £25 and entry to the waxworks Madame Tussauds costs a whopping £30. These may be some of the city’s most famous sights, but they’re also some of the most expensive. If you’re willing to forego many of the traditional tourist traps, you can have a fantastic day out for the price of one of these costly tickets! Here’s what I did…

My first stop was a tube station, to buy a travelcard. If you wait until after 9:30am, you’ll hit the off-peak hours and it’s only £7.30 for a day travelcard covering zones one and two. This will let you travel on public transport in central London – and if you do need to go outside this area, you’re able to jump on any bus for free. Bargain!

Although I’d spent almost half of my £20 budget in the first five minutes, this was